Hey y’all! I just put up the next two Year One pages at: http://www.everydaypants.com/yearone/archive/week-46-page-1-of-2/

Corresponding photo blog for Week 46

The obligatory Kickstarter link! The book has been successfully funded (thaaaank you) but pre-orders are still open. Anyone who pre-orders will be the first to have it in their hands, and also get other goodies that I won’t be selling much outside of zine/comics fests (buttons, silkscreened posters, prints)! I approved the book with the printer yesterday, and it will be shipped to me in Mid-July.


Thank you so so much if you donated or pre-ordered the book!

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    This made me lawl, we started and completed our first zine in 3 hours.
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    HOW TO MAKE A ZINE! I used to make my own comic books when I was little (Secret Agent Sneaks & The Squish Ninjas). I...
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    Olivia and I have been trying to put a zine together and I’ve lost motivation in the past two months/I really have no...
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    cyd! let’s finally do this. first REAL zinemaking to commence this weekend, I declare it.
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